Puzzles - Answer

Answer 1

1Nun TobogganSister sledge
2Get paste from tube Squeeze
3Elizabeth, Victoria, Mary Queen
4B.A, B.Sc, B.Eng3 degrees
5Stop Jock & Stop JockWomack and Womack
6Dickie, Groucho, Harpo, ZeppoRichard Marx
7Babies on the slabNew Kids on the Block
8Desert waterholeOasis
9East end revolutionaryCockney Rebel
10Treacherous vicarJudas Priest
11Aircraft data recording unitBlack Box
12Insanity Madness
13Blokes graftingMen at Work
14Young men selling mice Pet Shop Boys
15Pale SerpentWhite Snake
16Both of youU2
17Merlin Wizard
18I'm fanatical towards the girl Madonna
19Disturbed vision Blur
20prosperous city vermin Boomtown Rats
21Plasters Band Aid
22Desperate troubleDire Straits
23Rub out MidgeErasure
24Preserve reflect on famous river Jamiriquai
25Gender armsSex Pistols
27Hamlet - a female relative Shakepeares Sister
28Greenhouse plantsHot house Flowers
29Next commandNew Order
30Years quarters Four Seasons
31corridor containing horse fodder Hall and Oates
32South American Indian instamatic Aztec Camera
33Picture House TuneRoxy Music
34Dark SundayBlack Sabbath
35distribute equally Cher
36ham or beef sandwiches Meatloaf
37A friendly prickly bushBuddy Holly
38very warm galaxy Hot Chocolate
39bird of prey with colicHawkwind
40hard of hearing wildcatDef Leppard
41Germany with coronary regulators Gerry and the Pacemakers
42Ranicoat bought near Blackpool Fleetwood Mac
43Dorothy's dogToto
44Unemployment cardUB40
45Several raincoats found in cemeteryMax Bygraves
46Throttlers Stranglers
47Clergyman in long dressMaxi Preist
48Gorgeous but not northernBeautiful South
49Revolvers and flowersGuns and Roses
50spinning rocks Rolling Stones
51First man and insectAdam Ant
52Thunderbolt helps grass growLightning Seeds
53In Wonderland - Just like that Alice Cooper
54Refinement association Culture Club
55Lunbar punctureSpinal Tap
56Upset over phobias Tears for Fears
57Queen of slimming worldThin Lizzy
58Manweb bulb band Electric Light Orchestra
59Willians vacationBillie Holliday
60Ol' blue eyes off to make a movieFrankie GT Hollywood
61Funpark, magnetic effect Fairground Attraction
62Aviation strikersFlying Pickets
63uncomplicated primary coloursSimply Red
64The cost of watching a cometBill Haley
65Oxygen cylinderAir Supply
66Man Friday's partner in flames Smokey Robinson
67Genuflect for a gemNeil Diamond
68Big Apple movement Manhatten Transfer
69Dances in Jerry built prisonSpandau Ballet
70Fashionable assemblyStyle Council
71Wild urban evangelists Manic Street Preachers
72ParentsMammas & Pappas
73Moist, soaked, saturated Wet wet wet
74Not what the seemAltered Images
75Sent for porridgeJailbird
76Dickie at the precipiceCliff Richard
77Depressed EvertoniansMoody Blues
78Keep the horses in footwearSmiths
79Spanish heavyweight in WCElton John
80Orleans Maid swaps her protective shield Joan Armatrading